New Equilibre at work

Comfort and injury prevention with New Equilibre: Orthopedic insoles for safety shoes.

New Equilibre orthopedic insoles for safety shoes are perfectly adapted to the professional world.
They offer optimum comfort, while improving posture and thus relieving foot-related pain.
Reduce the risk of injury and improve employee productivity.

With New Equilibre orthopedic insoles, employees can be productive in all circumstances
and work more efficiently without suffering certain activity-related pains.

We work hard to offer you the very best for your work.

New Equilibre orthopedic insoles are comfortable and resistant.
Our products are designed with top-of-the-range materials, and meet all the criteria necessary to optimize foot support thanks to their molded thermoformed shape. At New Equilibre, our insoles are designed to offer you the best possible comfort all day long.

Insoles to prevent pathologies linked to prolonged trampling.

Throughout the day, employees take thousands of steps, stooping and kneeling, putting their feet to the test in the course of their work. This can lead to foot, ankle, knee, hip, back and even neck pain. New Equilibre's orthopedic insoles for safety shoes relieve these pains and prevent injuries: metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, talalgia, tendonitis, neck pain, dysesthesia...

Accident de travail
Chaussures de sécurité confortables

Insoles for safety footwear, clinically proven.

Conçues par des spécialistes du pied Français, sur plus de 30 ans d’expertise, les semelles New Equilibre améliorent aujourd’hui le quotidien de milliers de personnes.

Les semelles pour chaussures de sécurité interviennent en prévention de ces pathologies de par leur forme thermoformée moulée, soutenant les voûtes plantaires externe, interne, et antérieure, stabilisant l’arrière pied, et de par leurs matériaux haut de gamme amortissants et confortables.

More efficient working.

En conclusion, grâce aux semelles orthopédiques New Equilibre, le risque d’accident du travail liés aux pieds est diminué, et la productivité des employés est améliorée.

Whether you're a small, medium or large company, get the best for your employees now. Benefit from exceptional discounts on bulk orders:

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