Types de semelles orthopédiques :



New Equilibre insoles fit most standard sizes of well-known shoe brands.
For example, New Equilibre insoles are normally the same size as ADIDAS and ASICS shoes, while NIKE shoes can be larger.

To help you choose your size, we recommend that you remove the original sole from your shoes, and measure it from heel to toe. Then refer to our size guide and compare the size of your original sole with the size of New Equilibre soles (via the table below). Once found, select the corresponding size.


EU SizeFoot sizeInsole size
35Between 22 cm and 22,5 cm23 cm
36Between 22,5 cm and 23 cm23,5 cm
37Between 23 cm and 23,5 cm24 cm
38Between 24 cm and 24.5 cm25 cm
39Between 24.5 cm and 25 cm25,5 cm
40Between 25 cm and 25,5 cm26 cm
41Between 25,5 cm and 26 cm26,5 cm
42Between 26 cm and 26,5 cm27 cm
43Between 26,5 cm and 28 cm28,5 cm
44Between 28 cm and 28.5 cm29 cm
45Between 28,5 cm and 29,5 cm30 cm
46Between 29,5 cm and 30 cm30,5 cm
47Between 30 cm and 31 cm31,5 cm

(New Equilibre sole sizes may vary by + or - 2 mm).

A margin of around 5mm between the tip of your toes and the top of the sole is ideal.
If your toes reach the top of your shoe's insole, your shoes are probably too small for your true shoe size.



Not sure of your size? Refer to our pedimeter below:

STEP 1/2

1. Click on the photo of our Pedimeter.
2. Right-click on it, then download it.
3. Then print it out in 100% format.

STEP 2/2

Once your pedometer has been printed, you have two options:

1. You have shoes in your size with an original removable insole:
Peel off the sole of your shoe, and place it on the pedometer. You'll find your New Equilibre size.

2. You don't own shoes with original removable insoles:
Place your foot on the pedimeter, and choose the corresponding size. If the tips of your toes are on a line between two sizes, choose the next size up.
For example, if the tips of your toes reach the line between 40 and 41, choose New Equilibre size 41/42.

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