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New Equilibre's use of cookies

New Equilibre websites and online services may use "cookies". Cookies enable you to use shopping carts and personalize your experience on our sites. They tell us which pages of our websites are visited most often, help us measure the effectiveness of advertising and web searches, and give us an idea of user behavior, enabling us to improve our communication and products.

If you wish to disable cookies in your web browser, go to Preferences, then Privacy and choose to block cookies. On your tablet or smartphone, go to Settings, then to the Cookies section.

As cookies are present on our websites, deactivating them may prevent you from using certain parts of these sites.

Category 1 - Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential to enable you to browse our websites and use their functionalities. Without these cookies, services such as shopping carts and electronic billing cannot be provided.

Category 2 - Tracking cookies

These cookies collect information about your use of our websites: for example, which pages you visit most often. This data can be used to optimize our websites and make them easier to navigate. These cookies also enable our affiliates to know whether you have accessed one of our websites from their site and whether your visit resulted in the use or purchase of a product or service from us, including the references of the product or service purchased. These cookies do not collect any personally identifiable information. All the information they collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

Category 3 - Functionality cookies

These cookies enable our websites to remember the choices you have made during your visit. For example, we may store your geographical location in a cookie to ensure that our website is presented in the language of your country. We may also retain preferences such as font size and other configurable elements. Cookies can also be used to keep track of the products or videos you have consulted, to avoid repetition. The information they collect will not be used to identify you personally, nor to track your browsing activity on non-Apple websites.