Types de semelles orthopédiques :



New Equilibre, semelles Made in France

Adapted to all morphologies, New Equilibre orthopedic insoles provide lasting comfort. They relieve your pain all day long, and also help prevent many pathologies.

Choose the CITY insoles for fine shoes (richelieus/derbies/moccasins), and the COMFORT insoles for sportswear (sneakers/baskets) and safety shoes.




New Equilibre, semelles Made in France

Adapted to all morphologies, New Equilibre orthopedic insoles provide lasting comfort. They relieve your pain all day long, and also help prevent many pathologies.

Semelles orthopédiques Sport/Confort



80,00 €



80,00 €

Noémie Gandon
Noémie Gandon@Noemie.Gandon.7
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Excellent, that's the word! Since I've been wearing these insoles in my running shoes, they've been a joy. I recommend NEW EQUILIBRE insoles to everyone. In my opinion, you have to trust the professionals. These insoles were designed by specialized podiatrists, and that makes all the difference. Congratulations again on this French product, which lives up to our expectations.
Quentin Gil
Quentin Gil@Quentin.GilMartinez
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I recently used New Equilibre insoles for my crossfit training. And the results are more than satisfactory. Stability, flexibility and comfort, particularly in the heels: that's all I can say. Testing is adherence.
Eve Richard
Eve Richard@EvelyneRichar_D
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Honestly, it's changed my life! I'm a nurse and I use them for work but also for everyday life.
Douglas Longone
Douglas Longone@Douglas.Longone
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New Equilibre Running insoles provide real comfort. I recently experienced this during my runs: cushioning, a sensation of rebound and the disappearance of pain on the front of the calves, no doubt due to the correction provided by the insoles. I'd recommend them to beginners and experienced runners alike.
Loic Chalvet
Loic Chalvet@Loic.Chalvetinho
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Once you've tried the New Equilibre comfort insole, it's hard to get enough!
Virginie Albvt
Virginie Albvt@VirginieAlbvt
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I use the Running 🏃🏻‍♀️et insoles and can't live without them! I'll probably buy the comfort pair to be just as comfortable every day! 👣👌🏼
Michael Seves
Michael Sevesmichael_seves
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I'm very satisfied with the training insoles that I've been using every day for over a year for my crossfit training.
Tanguy Mottin
Tanguy Mottin@TanguyMottin
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Top comfort soles, less backache and less foot pain at the end of the day. Very pleasant, I really recommend them.
Ledino Dino
Ledino DinoLedino.Dino
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New Equilibre ville, what a pleasure, no more backache.
Robin Parrilla
Robin Parrilla@Robin.Parrilla.7
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I've been pleasantly surprised by the comfort of these insoles in my daily wear! Great!

"Everyday comfort."

CITY insoles, thin, suitable for low-volume footwear. CONFORT insoles, thicker, suitable for sportswear/sneakers, also suitable for safety shoes.

COMFORT Insoles,
For everyday shoes

New Equilibre orthopedic insoles have been designed by French foot specialists, based on 30 years of in-office expertise on thousands of patients.

Our orthopedic insoles for city and comfort are adapted to all morphologies, flat or hollow feet, varus or valgus, for women and men. The materials of which they are made provide great comfort and relieve pain. Their molded shape improves support and prevents pathologies linked to regular walking and trampling, thanks to support for the arches of the feet, the metatarsal heads and the heel.

Their shock-absorbing materials make them extremely comfortable for everyday use. Suitable for city shoes, as well as sportswear and safety shoes, New Equilibre orthopedic comfort insoles guarantee daily comfort while relieving pain: Calcanean Spur, metatarsalgias, plantar fasciitis, etc…

L'importance d'utiliser des Semelles au quotidien :

Activity-specific orthotics are an essential part of foot health and well-being. Just as there are a variety of sports shoes designed specifically for different types of physical activity, orthopedic insoles can also be adapted to suit these activities to provide optimum support.

When we practice a sport or physical activity, our feet are subjected to specific movements and stresses. Running, for example, generates microtrauma due to repeated impacts, while tennis and basketball involve frequent lateral movements and jumps. Each activity places different demands on the muscles and joints of our feet. That's why it's important to use appropriate orthopedic insoles, which can help prevent injury and improve performance.

Orthopedic insoles for sports shoes are designed to meet these specific needs. They offer extra support depending on the foot's support, absorb shock and maintain the foot's natural alignment. For example, for runners, orthotics can help reduce excessive pronation or supination, improving stability and weight distribution during running.

What's more, these insoles can also relieve existing foot problems associated with your activity. They enable athletes to concentrate on their performance rather than on pain and discomfort.

In addition to improving your comfort and support, New Equilibre sport insoles relieve pain and prevent pathologies related to your activity: épine calcanéenne, tendinite, plantar fasciitis, dysesthésies, talalgie, métatarsalgie, aponévrosite plantaire, etc.
New Equilibre sport insoles are suitable for all morphologies, flat or hollow feet, varus or valgus, whether you're a woman or a man. In most cases, New Equilibre insoles replace the original removable insoles in your sports shoes.

The benefits of orthotics are not limited to injury prevention and improved comfort. They can also make a significant contribution to optimizing your sporting performance. When your feet are properly supported and aligned, you can realize your full athletic potential.

Take professional athletes, for example. They understand the importance of every detail in achieving excellence in their discipline. Orthopedic insoles specifically adapted to their sport are an integral part of their equipment. These sport insoles not only reduce the risk of injury, they also optimize foot biomechanics, resulting in better stability, balance and propulsion. As a result, athletes can train more intensively and perform at their best.

For amateurs, orthopedic insoles adapted to their favorite sport can also make a big difference. Not only does it enhance enjoyment of the activity by reducing pain and discomfort, but it can also help you progress more quickly. Orthopedic insoles ensure a solid base for every movement, enabling you to acquire more precise technique and gain in confidence.

So, whether you're a professional striving for excellence or an amateur keen to make the most of your sporting passion, sport-specific orthopedic insoles are an essential solution. They are an investment in your health, comfort and performance, enabling you to explore your body's full potential and push back your sporting limits. Never underestimate the positive impact these insoles can have on your overall sporting experience.

Thermoformed orthopedic insoles are designed to provide optimum support for your foot. They effectively treat arch collapse:

  1. Correction of excessive pronation: Thermoformed insoles can correct excessive pronation, which is often associated with arch collapse. By correctly supporting the arch of the foot, these insoles help redistribute pressure and align foot posture to reduce excessive pronation.

  2. Pain reduction: By providing adequate arch support, thermoformed insoles help reduce pain and discomfort associated with arch collapse. They also distribute pressure more evenly across the foot, which can relieve excessive pressure points.

  3. Improving biomechanical alignment: Thermoformed insoles can help improve biomechanical alignment of the foot, ankle and even the knee and hip. By correcting imbalances in foot mechanics, they reduce excessive stress on joints and soft tissues.

  4. Comfort and stability: Thermoformed orthopedic insoles are made from comfortable, durable materials. They offer good support and extra stability, which can improve mobility and reduce the risk of arch-related injuries.

Combining the benefits of custom support and pronation correction, thermoformed insoles are an effective tool in the treatment of arch collapse.

The average price of a pair of orthotics can vary depending on several factors, including :

  1. The type of insoles: Prefabricated insoles are generally less expensive than custom-made insoles, as they don't require impressions to be taken and manufactured specifically to the shape of your foot.

  2. The material: The materials used to make insoles can influence their price. For example, high-end materials such as carbon, leather, EVA and neoprene can be more expensive than synthetic or gel materials.

  3. Design complexity:Assembly technique and manufacturing quality, in addition to the materials used, influence the price of orthopedic insoles.

In general, the price of orthopedic inserts can range from a few dozen euros for low-end inserts sold on the internet to several hundred euros for inserts manufactured in orthopedic/podology practices, depending on the factors mentioned above. New Equilibre has therefore found a compromise by producing top-of-the-range orthopedic insoles, sold exclusively on the Internet, to offer advantageous prices of around 100 euros, compared with an average of 200 euros in an orthopedic practice.

Each model of New Equilibre sport insoles meets specific criteria for a particular sport. Their molded shape increases your contact surface with the ground to 100%, giving you greater stability. Their arch supports - internal, external and anterior - optimize your foot support to enhance your sporting performance. Each model has been designed on the basis of 30 years of expertise in orthopedic practices, on thousands of athletes of all levels.

Specially designed to absorb shock waves and restore energy drawn from the ground, our top-of-the-range materials (Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Open Cell Rubber, etc.) guarantee the best for your feet and your whole body: shock absorption, energy restitution, stabilization of the rearfoot, promotion of pivoting movements...