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N E W  E Q U I L I B R E

New Equilibre, semelles Made in France

Retrouvez les questions les plus courantes dans notre FAQ (Foire aux questions). Si vous ne trouvez pas la réponse à votre question, vous pouvez nous contacter directement via notre tchat en ligne, accessible en bas à droite de notre site internet, ou en nous écrivant un mail à l’adresse

No. You don't need a prescription to buy New Equilibre insoles. 
To buy them, simply place your order on our online store

CITY insoles are thinner than COMFORT insoles.
 The structure of these two models is identical, but the materials are different.
 To meet every need in terms of footwear for everyday life, we offer these two models adapted to the two most common types of footwear: casual shoes (richelieus, derbies...) and sportswear shoes (sneakers...).

Your choice between these two models will therefore depend on your type of footwear.
And if you're wearing sportswear shoes, the CONFORT model is even more comfortable, thanks to its ultra-comfortable, shock-absorbing materials.
The CITY model is less cushioning, but still provides comfort thanks to its shape, similar to the COMFORT model, which supports your foot by distributing loads over a larger surface area. It also features heel cushioning.

Ces deux gammes de semelles sont conçues pour les activités sportives. Cependant, elle correspondent chacune à une catégorie de sportif définie.
The semelles SPORT sont conçues pour les “sportifs amateurs”, pratiquant une activité sportive plus ou moins régulière, voir occasionnelle.
The semelles ELITE PRO sont conçues pour les “sportifs confirmés”, pratiquant une activité sportive très régulière, et en compétition.

This difference can be explained by the materials used, which are more resistant on the ELITE PRO insoles, making them suitable for very intensive use.

So, if you choose the right category of insoles for your sporting activity, New Equilibre insoles will have an average lifespan of 1 year. 
It is advisable to renew your insoles every year, even if the materials appear to be in good condition, as the structure of the insoles can sag over time and become less effective.

Yes. The structure of New Equilibre insoles supports the inner and outer plantar arches, as well as the forefoot with its retro-capital support at the level of the metatarsal heads.

New Equilibre insoles are universal. Their thermoformed, molded shape stabilizes your foot by supporting the arches of your feet (medial, lateral and anterior). Whether you're a pronator or a supinator, they will improve your stance by increasing the weight-bearing surface of your foot and distributing loads over a wider area, thus optimizing your stride. What's more, the materials that make up the Running model promote propulsion in the forefoot and absorb shock waves in the heel.