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Made in France

NEW EQUILIBRE | Orthopedic Insoles 100% Made in France

(20 customer reviews)


The semelles Running offer excellent cushioning in the rearfoot and feature an energy-retaining material in the forefoot for enhanced propulsion.

They improve performance, relieve pain and prevent running-related pathologies.

IMPORTANT : Mesurez vos semelles d’origines et référez-vous au tableau du guide des tailles.

Sélectionnez la taille :

EU SizeFoot sizeInsole size
35Between 22 cm and 22,5 cm23 cm
36Between 22,5 cm and 23 cm23,5 cm
37Between 23 cm and 23,5 cm24 cm
38Between 24 cm and 24.5 cm25 cm
39Between 24.5 cm and 25 cm25,5 cm
40Between 25 cm and 25,5 cm26 cm
41Between 25,5 cm and 26 cm26,5 cm
42Between 26 cm and 26,5 cm27 cm
43Between 26,5 cm and 28 cm28,5 cm
44Between 28 cm and 28.5 cm29 cm
45Between 28,5 cm and 29,5 cm30 cm
46Between 29,5 cm and 30 cm30,5 cm
47Between 30 cm and 31 cm31,5 cm

Running New Equilibre insoles are designed for running:

1. Thermoformed structure
Double resin supports the medial, lateral and anterior plantar arches. Support for metatarsal heads.

2. Heel shock absorption
Shock-absorbing element for the rear foot.

3. Energy-restoring materials
Double layer of high-density open-cell rubber in the forefoot for enhanced propulsion.

4. High-quality comfort materials
Smooth, high-density EVA covering.

In most cases, New Equilibre insoles replace the original removable insoles of your running shoes.

Running insoles help prevent common pathologies:

Plantar aponeurosisPatellar syndrome
TalalgiaPosterior tibial tendonitis
Achilles tendonitisMetatarsalgias
Tibial periostitisPatellofemoral syndrome

These orthopedic insoles optimize your support for optimum comfort and relieve pain quickly. They also improve your performance thanks to their specific materials for running.

Cleaning New Equilibre Insoles : Washable with a soapy sponge (never machine-washable).
Dry in the open air, avoiding areas of high heat (radiators, ovens, etc.) to avoid deforming the thermoformed soles.

Service life of a pair of orthopedic insoles : Approx. 1 year service life. With wear, insoles can lose rigidity and their materials can sag. We recommend renewing your pair of orthotics every year, to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency.

Running is a unidirectional sport.
This involves repeated movement, generally of the same amplitude, of the various joints of the lower limb. The succession of shocks impact the joints of the foot and lower limb. lower limb.

There are two different ways of running:

EVA semelles sport

The rolling stride :

The first type of running is unrolling, which involves the three phases of stepping. These are: a heel phase or cushioning phase, a plantigrade phase during which energy is transferred from the rear foot to the forefoot, and finally the digitigrade or propulsion phase. This type of running is suitable for beginners and intermediate runners. It creates a shock wave that reverberates through the knees, hips and spine.

Le "MidFoot" :

The second type of running is flat running or Midfoot. This is characterized by the absence of a heel phase, which places much greater stress on the sole of the foot (tarsus and metatarsus). This induces a much reduced shock wave in the joints above the foot.
In midfoot, the forefoot is very much in demand, playing a dual role as shock absorber and propulsor.

This last type of running is for seasoned runners, and it's dangerous to start too early. This type of running limits trauma to the knees, hips and back. However, it does require very good articular and musculo-tendinous architecture of the ankles and feet.

Caoutchouc à cellule ouverte semelle

Running New Equilibre insoles respond to different types of stride, whether universal, pronator or supinator. This is made possible by the well-matched heights of the sole arches. They respect the physiological heights of the internal, external and anterior arches of the foot.

What's more, these Running insoles are highly cushioning thanks to the shock absorber placed under the heel, combined with the polyurethane layer. They help transfer energy from the rear foot to the forefoot, thanks to the double-resin structure that acts like a real spring. Open-cell rubber is placed at the front of the sole, helping to propel the foot. In this way, energy from the ground is stored and released to the maximum for a perfect stride.


For top-level athletes.

Tougher, better performing, designed for intensive sporting activity and competition. Discover the top-of-the-range insole.





(20 customer reviews)

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20 reviews for SEMELLES RUNNING

  1. EM

    Emmanuel Moreau

    Excellent foot support, making running a pleasure. Ideal and delighted

    (3) (0)
  2. PM

    Philippe MACON

    Goodbye gel insoles!!!! The new equilibre are much better, nothing to see.

    (6) (0)
  3. AF

    Alain Fermont

    I had made a mistake with the size of the soles and the service department made a free exchange very quickly!!! Great after-sales service. The soles can't be recut, so you have to check your size on their pedimeter, which I hadn't done. Used to varying between size 44 and 46 depending on the shoes. Their sizes are the same as ASICS sizes, if that helps. The soles are great, the cushioning is impressive, I feel lighter when I run, I recommend 100%!

    (6) (0)
  4. MP

    Marion Parat

    Lightweight feel... Nice rebound effect, I love it.

    (5) (0)
  5. PP

    Paul P.

    Top, great quality

    (4) (0)
  6. GB

    G. B.

    superb cushioning!!!

    (4) (0)
  7. ZL

    Zoé L

    (2) (0)
  8. AP

    Antoine PETRILLO

    What I needed

    (2) (0)
  9. RD

    Rémi DUVAL

    I was tempted when I saw the reviews and wasn't disappointed at all! It's worth it, big difference when I wear these running insoles 🙂

    (3) (0)
  10. DL

    Douglas Longone

    I use Running insoles for running. Lately, for the Toulouse semi, they have served me well, especially since I usually have shin pain! I'd recommend

    (5) (0)
  11. CR

    Cécile Runneuse

    Good soles. To be seen over time.

    (2) (0)
  12. DT

    Damien Tirieu

    Remember to remove the original soles from your sneakers... and you're done! Excellent soles!

    (5) (0)
  13. MG

    Margaux Gené


    (5) (0)
  14. JR

    Joris R.

    Received 3 days ago, they correspond well to the description. Very good sensations, I recommend them!

    Image #1 from Joris R.
    Image #2 from Joris R.
    Image #3 from Joris R.
    (7) (0)
  15. EI

    Elise Idani

    Fast delivery, I received the insoles in time to give them to my son for Christmas. Thank you

    (3) (0)
  16. OD

    Océ D

    Nothing like the GEL insoles I've tried before.
    Super comfort and cushioning with this model and the foot is really well stabilized! Top quality

    (6) (0)
  17. A


    (1) (0)
  18. TH

    Thomas Houtin

    Very comfortable soles, a real asset for long distances. You can feel the difference during and after exercise. Highly recommended.

    (3) (0)
  19. RF

    Rémi F.

    Excellent soles for running. Optimal comfort.

    (3) (0)
  20. CR

    Clément R.

    (1) (0)
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