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The New Equilibre Comfort Insoles provide excellent everyday comfort. They relieve pain and prevent foot pathologies thanks to their thermoformed structure and shock-absorbing, comfortable materials.

This model is ideal for sneakers.

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New Equilibre Comfort insoles are designed for everyday use in sneaker-type shoes:

1. Thermoformed structure
Double resin supports the medial, lateral and anterior plantar arches. Support for metatarsal heads.

2. Heel shock absorption
Shock-absorbing element for the rear foot.

3. High-quality comfort materials
Ultra-comfortable, ultra-high-density EVA. Microfiber cover + Neoprene foam

In most cases, New Equilibre insoles replace the original removable insoles in your shoes.

Comfort insoles help prevent common pathologies :

MetatarsalgiasPlantar aponeurosis
TalalgiaLow back pain
Tendonitis Calcaneal spur
CervicalgiaCalcaneal bursitis

These orthopedic insoles optimize your support for everyday comfort and quickly relieve pain.

Cleaning New Equilibre Insoles : Washable with a soapy sponge (never machine-washable).
Dry in the open air, avoiding areas of high heat (radiators, ovens, etc.) to avoid deforming the thermoformed soles.

Service life of a pair of orthopedic insoles : Approx. 1 year service life. With wear, insoles can lose rigidity and their materials can sag. We recommend renewing your pair of orthotics every year, to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency.

EU SizeFoot sizeInsole size
35Between 22 cm and 22,5 cm23 cm
36Between 22,5 cm and 23 cm23,5 cm
37Between 23 cm and 23,5 cm24 cm
38Between 24 cm and 24.5 cm25 cm
39Between 24.5 cm and 25 cm25,5 cm
40Between 25 cm and 25,5 cm26 cm
41Between 25,5 cm and 26 cm26,5 cm
42Between 26 cm and 26,5 cm27 cm
43Between 26,5 cm and 28 cm28,5 cm
44Between 28 cm and 28.5 cm29 cm
45Between 28,5 cm and 29,5 cm30 cm
46Between 29,5 cm and 30 cm30,5 cm
47Between 30 cm and 31 cm31,5 cm

"70% of French people suffer from foot pain, i.e. 2 out of 3 people."

Semelles orthopédiques - double résine noire


Confort orthopedic insoles are derived from Ville insoles. They are ideally suited to sneakers and safety shoes with a larger footprint. With more room for a thicker sole, the materials used in this model are extremely comfortable.

Ideal for everyday use, they provide optimum comfort and relieve the aches and pains associated with prolonged trampling and daily walking.


Confort orthopedic insoles optimize the foot's load-bearing surfaces to distribute the body's weight over a wider area.

All areas of your foot rest on the molded surface of the insole, and it's this maximum support that's responsible for relieving all your aches and pains. Whether plantar, or beyond the foot, ankles, knees, hips or back.

Semelles orthopédiques confort - EVA Beige





(51 customer reviews)

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51 reviews for SEMELLES CONFORT

  1. J. M.

    Nothing like the gel or other insoles we already know. Quality product and very comfortable! Immediate results from the first use, I can't do without them.

  2. Alain

    Very good, I felt the change right away = less forefoot pain

  3. vincent de la torre

    Very good insoles

  4. jeanpierre.soulie

    Very comfortable insoles, despite major problems with my left foot as a result of shingles and a lesion of the foot lift muscle, which causes pain under the forefoot and big toe as well as a slight steppage, I can guarantee that I've been living since I tried these insoles. The improvement was felt immediately. I went for a 6 km walk on flat ground, a dream!

  5. jean-marc leveziel

    nothing to complain about. effective insoles but recommended for people with few or no foot problems, otherwise custom-made insoles would be a plus.

  6. Jacques Duchesnay

    It's been 15 years since I felt such freedom to walk without any pain.

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