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NEW EQUILIBRE | Orthopedic Insoles 100% Made in France

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The Fitness insoles Elite Pro are designed with the most resistant, high-performance materials.

"The top-of-the-range insoles."

They improve comfort and performance by optimizing support and stability. They also alleviate the pathologies associated with this sport.

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Fitness Insoles Elite Pro New Equilibre are designed for intensive sports activity in Fitness, CrossFit and Bodybuilding:

1. Highly resistant thermoformed structure
Double carbon resin supports the medial, lateral and anterior plantar arches. Support for metatarsal heads.

2. Enhanced rearfoot stability
Reinforced heel ring for optimum stability.

3. Heel shock absorption
High-density shock-absorbing element in the rearfoot.

4. Energy-restoring materials
High-density open-cell rubber in the forefoot for propulsion.

5. High-quality comfort materials
Very high-density, smooth EVA coating. Comfort +

In most cases, New Equilibre insoles replace the original removable insoles of your fitness shoes.

Fitness insoles Elite Pro insoles help prevent common pathologies:

Ankle sprainPlantar aponeurosis
Low back painMetatarsalgias
Patellofemoral syndromeCalcaneal bursitis

These orthopedic insoles optimize your support for optimum comfort and quickly relieve pain. They also improve your performance thanks to their specific fitness materials.

Cleaning New Equilibre Insoles : Washable with a soapy sponge (never machine-washable).
Dry in the open air, avoiding areas of high heat (radiators, ovens, etc.) to avoid deforming the thermoformed soles.

Service life of a pair of orthopedic insoles : Approx. 1 year service life. With wear, insoles can lose rigidity and their materials can sag. We recommend renewing your pair of orthotics every year, to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency.

EU SizeFoot sizeInsole size
35Between 22 cm and 22,5 cm23 cm
36Between 22,5 cm and 23 cm23,5 cm
37Between 23 cm and 23,5 cm24 cm
38Between 24 cm and 24.5 cm25 cm
39Between 24.5 cm and 25 cm25,5 cm
40Between 25 cm and 25,5 cm26 cm
41Between 25,5 cm and 26 cm26,5 cm
42Between 26 cm and 26,5 cm27 cm
43Between 26,5 cm and 28 cm28,5 cm
44Between 28 cm and 28.5 cm29 cm
45Between 28,5 cm and 29,5 cm30 cm
46Between 29,5 cm and 30 cm30,5 cm
47Between 30 cm and 30,5 cm31 cm
48Between 30,5 cm and 31,5 cm32 cm

More than 6 million French people take part in indoor sports.
Fitness, CrossFit, strength training and weightlifting are all sports that require intense effort. Your feet are the foundation of your activity, and need the best possible support to avoid injury and improve your sporting performance.

Semelles orthopédiques Training carbon


The Fitness insoles Elite Pro improve your stability, comfort and performance during intensive training sessions.

Adapted to all body shapes, New Equilibre insoles offer optimum support, reducing the risk of injury from the explosive movements and heavy loads characteristic of fitness. They also help maintain correct posture, minimizing muscle tension and joint pain. The increased stability they provide is essential for exercises such as squats, deadlifts and jumps, enabling athletes to push their limits safely.


The Fitness Insoles can solve specific fitness problems, such as foot, ankle and knee pain, often due to misalignment or pronation problems.

New Equilibre insoles correct these alignment problems, promoting a better distribution of pressure on the foot and reducing stress on the joints. As a result, athletes can train more efficiently and sustainably, avoiding injuries that could slow their progress.

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(19 customer reviews)

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  1. Jérémy BONIN

    Semelles au top. Excellente qualité et très bon maintient du pied. Je recommande.

    (1) (0)
  2. Solange M.

    Je recommande. Très satisfaite.

    (2) (0)
  3. Samuel PERRIER

    Semelles fines et légères. Confortables. Je recommande.

    (3) (0)
  4. Florent GIMIÉ

    Un petit message du club pour vous remercier pour ces semelles de qualité. Nous sommes tous très satisfait de ces semelles fitness, nous sentons réellement la différence. Elles stabilisent très bien le pied, apportent un confort supplémentaire et réduisent clairement les douleurs musculaires au niveau des chevilles et genoux. Nous repasserons commande pour l’année prochaine pour l’équipe. Merci à vous pour votre professionnalisme.

    (4) (0)
  5. Wilfrid LAMBERT

    Semelles utilisées pour le crossfit, très satisfait. Je suis bien stable dans mes chaussures et j’ai moins de douleurs dans les genoux et en bas du dos. Je recommande

    (3) (0)
  6. Sylvain J.

    Sur recommandation et très satisfait. Livraison rapide et semelles de superbe qualité. Je recommande mon tour.

    (4) (0)
  7. Mounir E.


    (3) (0)
  8. Hélène G.

    Très bonnes semelles de très bonne qualité pour l’haltérophilie. Je recommande.

    (4) (0)
  9. Jean-Baptiste G.

    Good insoles with quality materials, unlike those you usually find in stores. I've tried several brands and most of them are totally useless. Either they're all flat with gel, or they're made from Chinese materials. New Equilibre insoles change the game with real professional materials! The shape of the sole fits the foot perfectly and the structure is strong enough to support my 95kg. I highly recommend them.

    Image #1 from Jean-Baptiste G.
    Image #2 from Jean-Baptiste G.
    (6) (0)
  10. Quentin DUFOUR

    I recommend them. High-quality, well-structured soles. Good foot stability and comfort.

    (7) (0)
  11. Henri A.

    Comfortable, thin insoles that take the shape of the foot well. My feet feel more stable and my heel pain is gone. I recommend them.

    (5) (0)
  12. Matthias A.

    I recommend it

    (4) (0)
  13. Rémi T.

    Excellent complement to crossfit shoes, perfect cushioning. Very good stability. Would recommend

    (9) (0)
  14. Quentin D.

    Very stable and comfortable

    (7) (0)
  15. Aurélien M.

    Late delivery, but the insoles are very strong and comfortable.

    (2) (1)
  16. Sasha F.

    I couldn't stand running around to different podiatrists trying to get my insoles right, so I searched the internet and found New Equilibre. THANK YOU. Thank you for your quality work! Your insoles are exceptional. Comfort, stability, better support... I recommend them!

    (7) (0)
  17. Kevin Prado

    Excellent insoles for everyday use like mine. I do crossfit and the insoles really make me more stable and my knees hurt a lot less. Top notch thanks

    (9) (0)
  18. Romain G.

    excellent stability i recommend!

    (8) (0)
  19. Orlando Blumberg

    A little thin for the metcon if you remove the original sole. I preferred to put them on top. Very good insoles!

    (5) (0)
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