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Free delivery and returns
For all orders within Metropolitan France. Read more
10 discount for every 2 pairs purchased!
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Made in France

NEW EQUILIBRE | Orthopedic Insoles 100% Made in France

(25 customer reviews)


The Football Insoles Elite Pro are designed with the toughest, highest-performance materials.

"The top-of-the-range insoles."

Made to withstand regular, intense use. Ideal for experienced athletes.
They improve your comfort and performance, while preventing soccer-related pathologies.


Measure your original removable insoles and refer to the size guide chart to find your ideal size.

EU SizeFoot sizeInsole size
35Between 22 cm and 22,5 cm23 cm
36Between 22,5 cm and 23 cm23,5 cm
37Between 23 cm and 23,5 cm24 cm
38Between 24 cm and 24.5 cm25 cm
39Between 24.5 cm and 25 cm25,5 cm
40Between 25 cm and 25,5 cm26 cm
41Between 25,5 cm and 26 cm26,5 cm
42Between 26 cm and 26,5 cm27 cm
43Between 26,5 cm and 28 cm28,5 cm
44Between 28 cm and 28.5 cm29 cm
45Between 28,5 cm and 29,5 cm30 cm
46Between 29,5 cm and 30 cm30,5 cm
47Between 30 cm and 30,5 cm31 cm
48Between 30,5 cm and 31,5 cm32 cm

New Equilibre's Soccer insoles Elite Pro are designed for intensive sports activity in cleated shoes:

1. Highly resistant thermoformed structure
Double carbon resin supports the medial, lateral and anterior plantar arches. Support for metatarsal heads.

2. Heel shock absorption
High-density shock-absorbing element in the rearfoot.

3. Energy-restoring materials
High-density open-cell rubber in the forefoot for propulsion.

4. High-quality comfort materials
Very high-density, smooth EVA coating. Comfort +

In most cases, New Equilibre insoles replace the original removable insoles of your soccer shoes.

Les Semelles Football Elite Pro interviennent en prévention des pathologies courantes :

Ankle sprainWindshield wiper syndrome
TalalgiaPosterior tibial tendonitis
Achilles tendonitisMetatarsalgias
PubalgiaCalcaneal bursitis

These orthopedic insoles optimize your support for optimum comfort and relieve pain quickly. They also improve your performance thanks to their specific materials for soccer.

Cleaning New Equilibre Insoles : Washable with a soapy sponge (never machine-washable).
Dry in the open air, avoiding areas of high heat (radiators, ovens, etc.) to avoid deforming the thermoformed soles.

Service life of a pair of orthopedic insoles : Approx. 1 year service life. With wear, insoles can lose rigidity and their materials can sag. We recommend renewing your pair of orthotics every year, to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency.

Soccer is a multi-directional sport.
This involves multiple changes of direction.
But also acceleration, static phases and jump phases, i.e. impulse-reception.

Semelles orthopédiques football carbon


The Soccer Insoles Elite Pro improve your comfort, performance and durability in the field.

Designed to adapt perfectly to the shape of your feet, these insoles offer precise support, reducing the risk of injury from the sudden movements, impacts and frequent changes of direction characteristic of this sport. They also promote better pressure distribution, reducing muscle fatigue and the risk of overuse during a match.


The Soccer Insoles can solve specific football-related problems. They can help relieve foot, ankle and knee pain often encountered by players.

By providing better foot alignment, they also promote optimal posture, which can reduce the risk of lower back pain. Soccer Insoles are particularly useful for players with pronation or supination problems, as they correct these misalignments which can increase the risk of injury.

semelles elite pro sport





(25 customer reviews)

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  1. AB

    Antonio B.

    Great product and great service, it solved a lot of problems my son had playing football!

    Strongly suggested

    (1) (0)
  2. JV

    Julie V.

    J’ai acheté ces semelles pour mon fils et nous avons remarqué une amélioration significative de son confort et de sa performance sur le terrain. Il se sent beaucoup plus stable et n’a plus de douleurs au talon. Les semelles sont d’excellente qualité, je recommande.

    (2) (0)
  3. LG

    Lucas G.

    Je souffrais de douleurs au genou droit depuis plusieurs semaine. Plus aucune douleur depuis que je porte ces semelles. Top.

    (2) (0)
  4. RP

    Romain P.

    J’ai eu des problèmes de chevilles lors de mes entraînements de football, mais depuis que j’utilise ces semelles, mes douleurs se sont considérablement atténuées. Elles maintiennent mes pieds dans une meilleur position et sont très confortables.

    (2) (0)
  5. RS

    Rafael S.

    Very satisfied with my purchase. I was really pleasantly surprised by your insoles, the quality is top notch. I was a little afraid of being disappointed because of my previous podiatrist insoles which didn't suit me and in fact what happiness! I really recommend!

    (3) (0)
  6. MG

    Matthias GROS

    These insoles are very good, I feel well stabilized in my cleats and more comfortable.

    (4) (0)
  7. JR

    Joris RIAL

    Stability - comfort - top quality

    (5) (0)
  8. KM

    Karim M.

    Very good insoles for soccer I recommend

    (4) (0)
  9. MM

    Marco MOCCI

    The insoles are of excellent quality, lightweight and comfortable. I recommend them.

    (5) (0)
  10. VS

    Valentin S.

    Excellent insoles, much better than the ones my previous "sports" podiatrists gave me! I felt a real support for the foot from the first use and immediate comfort. I've been wearing them for 6 months now and I'm still just as satisfied. I recommend them 100%!

    (4) (0)
  11. WP

    Wilfried P.

    Commandé en 43 qui correspond à ma pointure dans mes crampons (Predator Accuracy) et les semelles sont parfaitement ajustées.
    Elles sont très confortables et calent bien le pied. On sent que les muscles travaillent mieux et mes douleurs au genou droit ont totalement disparues après 2/3 entrainements. Je valide!

    (5) (0)
  12. MK

    Medhi K.

    Top quality. I recommend it.

    (4) (0)
  13. LC

    Loic C.

    I recommend it.

    (7) (0)
  14. MS

    Maxime S.

    I've been ordering these insoles every year for 2 years now, and they provide real comfort and support for my feet. Superb stability on the move and hardly any knee pain like before.

    (9) (0)
  15. DO

    Dylan O.

    Stability and comfort, very satisfied. Would recommend.

    (12) (0)
  16. KM

    Kevin M.

    My podiatrist's insoles were too thick, so I tried gel insoles, which were useless in the end. I was recommended the new equilibre insoles, and it's amazing. The insoles fit my crampons perfectly and I've felt a marked improvement since I started wearing them. Very good insoles!

    (9) (0)
  17. SP

    Samy P.

    Recommended by a friend for my wiper syndrome. No more pain, great insoles.

    (8) (0)
  18. AP

    Antoine P.

    I recommend it! Excellent quality! The price completely reflects the quality of the insoles, which are magnificent and super resistant. Very good stability in the studs, my footing is better and the aches and pains are much less frequent.

    (11) (0)
  19. JD

    Jérémy D.

    Very good product.

    (9) (0)
  20. AF

    Axel F.


    (8) (0)
  21. AD

    Axel D.

    Very good, high-quality soles. Very good feel during sprints and changes of direction. The foot sits perfectly in the shoe. Great!

    (11) (0)
  22. MP

    Micka P.


    (8) (0)
  23. MR

    Mattieu R.

    The soles are beautiful with the carbon underneath. Really high-end.

    (13) (0)
  24. MA

    Marcus A.

    After years of having insoles made by a podiatrist that didn't relieve my knee pain, the problem is now solved thanks to these FOOT insoles. Thank you very much.

    (8) (0)
  25. CD

    Charles D.M

    Quality orthopedic insoles, very good foot support.

    (7) (0)
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