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Free delivery and returns
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Running insoles: Why wear them?

Running is an exciting physical activity with many health benefits, but it can also put considerable strain on your feet and joints.

If you're a regular runner, you may have experienced foot pain, posture problems or even running-related injuries. This is where Running orthotics come in to offer you essential support. In this article, we'll explore in depth why orthopedic insoles have become an essential ally for runners, highlighting the benefits of thermoformed insoles and insoles specifically designed for running.

Improve your comfort and performance

Running orthotics are medical devices designed to support and correct the posture of your feet. They are made to adapt perfectly to the shape of your feet, making them an ideal solution for your specific running needs. Orthopedic insoles aim to relieve running-related pain, prevent injury and improve performance by providing optimal support.

Les Avantages des Semelles Running :

Thermoformed insoles are a popular choice among runners, offering the perfect balance between comfort and support. These insoles are manufactured on a specific mold, to obtain foot supports adapted to all morphologies. Here are some of the key benefits of thermoformed Running insoles:

Optimum comfort :

Thermoformed insoles are designed to conform to the exact shape of your feet, guaranteeing optimum comfort while running. They reduce pressure on sensitive areas and distribute your body weight evenly. Their shape automatically adapts to that of your feet.

Increased stability :

Thermoformed insoles help stabilize your feet, which can reduce the risk of injury. They support the plantar arches and stabilize the hindfoot. In this way, they also align your ankles, knees and hips for better posture. Parasitic muscular tension is reduced.

Shock wave absorption :

Running generates significant forces on your feet and legs. Running insoles feature heel shock absorption technology to help prevent injury.

Performance enhancement :

By offering increased support, thermoformed insoles can help you improve your running performance. You can count on a more efficient stride and reduced muscle fatigue. Their materials are designed specifically for running to optimize your stride. In fact, they improve forefoot propulsion thanks to energy-retaining materials.

Les Semelles orthopédiques thermoformées

Thermoformed insoles are the wisest choice for running. They are an ideal investment for runners looking to improve their performance while reducing the risk of pain and injury. Thermoformed insoles for running offer optimal support that conventional insoles do not.

Your feet deserve the best possible support while running, and orthotics are a proven way to achieve this. Don't let foot pain limit your running potential. Choose New Equilibre, for clinically proven effectiveness, with high-tech Running insoles, Made in France.

New Equilibre Running Soles

New Equilibre has designed high-quality, high-tech Running insoles, based on over 30 years of in-office expertise on thousands of patients. They are available for direct sale via our online boutique. Delivery in 2 working days (Take advantage of free delivery to Metropolitan France).

Our New Equilibre thermoformed insoles respect the physiology of the foot in such a way that they :

  • cushion shocks from the ground,
  • stabilize the hindfoot with the heel ring during the taligrade phase of the foot,
  • support the external and internal arch of the foot during its plantigrade phase,
  • avoid parasitic movements,
  • help propel the foot during the digitigrade phase,
  • encourage good concentric work of the achilles-plantar system.


New Equilibre insoles therefore play a preventive role in the onset of pathologies linked to running, and a curative role in relieving them once they have set in.


New Equilibre, semelles Made in France

110,00 €

Picture of New Equilibre

New Equilibre

Professionals specializing in the manufacture of orthopedic insoles for over 30 years. Quality-certified expertise in the field of foot health, based on the analysis of thousands of patients in practice.